Ok I'm getting a new guitar just after Christmas, but I want the PRS SE Singlecut Trem, which by all accounts is pretty much impossible in the UK from what I've discovered.

I did talk to a couple of guitar shops, one said it would be a problem ordering one in, but another said they might be out of stock and not stock them anymore or something.

So my question is could people list a few online places where I can get a NEW PRS SE Singletcut Trem either from the UK or internationally (that is if they deliver internationally).

yes i tried googling, cause I did.
and I found the retailer for UK (we only have one ) and emailed them, but am still waiting for them to get back to me, but I think I'm going for the none trem anyway coz its cheaper, easier to get and has a lot more colour ranges. lol.

EDIT: I emailed Musicians Friend coz I wasn't sure they delivered internationally, but Samash don't stock the SE Singlecut Trem.
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