i wrote a song, called Cardinal's Cry, its in songwriting, btw, and im wondering what are some good chords to add to iut to make it flow? I want like 4 or 5 decent chords or maybe some keys to try for the song? Its like the Beatles stuff. Any ideas?

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Add an L cord. How the hell are we supposed to know? We don't even know what key it's in, much less how the chords go.
yeah dude we can't just tell you what chords to play for a "beatles type song"
we have no point of reference and if you already have melodies in ur head for the vocals (which you do, otherwise you wouldn't have called it a "beatles type song") then theres not much we can do for you, huh?
you would have to tell us if it is in a minor or major key if you wanted any real help, but i don't think you even know that, so your just **** out of luck now aren't you?