Barring anything from the actual reviews on the site, I was curious on what you experienced players think about the Squier Stratocaster SE Special (and the package)?

I bought it a year ago, and of course as a newb, I thought it was great, because my ear was untrained. Now I'm realizing how weak the pickups really are, or at least to me.

Anyway, I just want to know if any of you have had personal experience with it, and if so, what do you think about it?

Any comments on Squier in general are cool too.
never liked them, even tho Im still stuck with mine till christmas. The pickups are pretty weak. if you already have all of the amps and cables, just ask for a real fender and some picks and stuff. real fenders are far better than any copy
I'm a fan, first guitar. Back then I didn't know any better and i've sold it since, fond memories though
I had one of them and hated it till i got something better. Not all Squire is crap though they make some really good stuff, especially basses.



if you want to improve i suggest get some Seymor Duncan pups and it will make it sound less crappy
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my affinity series telecaster is suprisingly good. In fact it is one of the better guitars that I have ever played. Squires can be really good, but at the same time they can be really bad. I love mine though.
I hate them, very much. Squiers are almost always poorly built, with crap materials, and sold as "real fender lol". That hurts me.
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lol mine started to feel like a toy after I got a good guitar. I had it for a good while though (9-10 months)

Then what is 2 years with a Behringer Strat copy?
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Then what is 2 years with a Behringer Strat copy?

that would be called hell... lol
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classic vibe squires are amazing but there low end except there bullet made out of basswood is crap
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