i just have a general complaint that another member is trying to reject a tab i made purely because its the same song he tabbed and i gave his tab a low rating (which is why i wrote my own), i don't understand how tab approval works really, but i would hate to see the tab i worked hard on rejected due to another members spitefulness.


link to the tab above, its you found me, by the fray

thanks, and as a general suggestion, maybe to avoid this sort of problem occurring in the future, prevent members from being able to vote on tabs which are for the same song that they have already tabbed, otherwise you have a bit of a conflict of interests ^^
Ah, i see, well, if its possible to browse the tabs in the pending list, take a look and judge it for yourself

edit: there must be a way to have a look at it, as the person who rated it poorly managed to find the tab to do that..

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your tab is low quality man

the other guys tab is way better

its not cos hes jealous .. more cos your ****