Linky. It's an Ibanez SAS36FM. It love it. But, I want a floating tremolo. Is it possible to get one installed or? I have no experience with tremolos.
Thanks for any help!

(And I hope this is in the right section)
That actually has a floating tremolo, but it's non-locking, and not Floyd style. You could get a Floyd Rose installed, but it'd cost a bit, I'm guessing. Probably upwards of $100.
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You could always just surface mount one. It would probably mean a little bit of customising and drilling new trem post holes but it would be cheaper than getting it routed out by someone for lots of money. Even if you can't go up.
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For the cost of an OFR and the guitar then the labor to install it you would be better off getting a guitar that comes stock with a OFR it would probably be less.