okay me and my friend have to play a song at an assembly this friday (TWO DAYS)

and we need an cool song we can learn that sounds great

we need like metal or metalcore stuff

we are both like intermediate (we can play most the songs we want to)

please help

we just have no clue what to play

AND we need it to be short too
or something that we can easily shorten
do you have drums or vocals or something? we need more details.
if you do, i'd say something by I killed the prom queen, maybe sharks in your mouth or columbian necktie. If not, bleeding mascara never fails.
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Scream aim fire, i learned most of it in 5 minutes.
or Trapped under ice - mettalica
Just call me Julius, J, etc.
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sounds kewl

and can shorten


hope it helps
Call me Justyn

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Hit the light, do the black tide versian. really kewl song lol. Or shockwave by them. or hush by tool lol. its their shortest song i think...
its just me and another guitarist
and were looking more along of metalcore? (killswitch engage, as i lay dying, all that remains)
and i didnt mean a fast song if any thought that
and it has to be short
not alone by all that remains
if you can both play it =]
Call me Justyn

τλε τρπ βπστλεπλσσδ
like we want the song to be pretty SHORT, interesting, and easy enough for me to learn tongiht and teach to my friend tomarrow cuz we play the next day
You could have just....put more time into learning a song then posting here? :P

For metalcore I'd recommend Mutiny by Parkway Drive - it's fairly easy.