I have two songs up in my profile that I recorded today, one is an original soft rock song (I played lead and rythm and the other one is my version of cannon rock(played lead). These are my first recordings, so obviously they need some work. Tell me what you really think, such as tone, phrasing,mixing, editing, or whatever else you hear, and if you think they even sound remotely close to a final version. I really need you guys to be brutally honest, will C4C. I'm probably gonna end up rerecording these so I need more than my opinions.

Edit: The quality is really high it might take a while to buffer. Does anyone know how lower the bitrate, its playing at 320
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I can only see the one on there "Sleeping in". Obviously some notes at the start weren't hit correctly. Some a bit early/late too. around the 1:40 mark it gets a bit boring, change/add something in, picks up up again around 1:55 mark. I really like the flamenco feel towards the end of the track. But I think it's mostly improvised is it? You need some sort of repeating melody... A riff or vocal section.

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yeah its is mostly improvised. Will C4C thanks
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Sleeping in had a nice chill out mood to it, though the quality sucked was too distorted. I have a different opinion to l3xbi as at the 1:40 mark it got more interesting. Overall there was some good stuff in this tune but the quality did let it down.


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Sleeping in sound sgood i think mixing could have better arou nd the 1:40 segment i think, maybe pan the tracks to one on each side? that might make for a cool effect with headphones

Edit: Definitly see if you can find a drummer to record a beat to the back of this and perhaps write a part out for a bass player to do a bassline, this will add alot to the song
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Sleeping In has a lovely chord progression.

Needs work though. Timings a bit odd and if definately needs a proper master (in the new sense of the word, not the old).

Just needs cleaning up really.

Needs a bit more structure too and although I hate to say it, if you want it to sell it needs hooks! (I hate this bloody pop culture..)
The few mistakes in the intro aside, I like "Sleeping In." Quiet and soothing. Good stuff. The quality of the guitar is alittle down, though. Sounded a little overly distorted in a few spots. Didn't kill the song, though, just a tad annoying. Some backing instruments (drums, bass, etc.) would really add to it. This is really good for your first recording. Beats the hell outta my first.

I will say that maybe a little more change up would be nice. With the length of the track, it does seem to drag on a little bit. Just a little. Not to the point of making me want to skip over the track, but enough to make me kind of bored.

Overall it's a good track with great ideas. Just needs touching up and maybe some drums or bass or something of the like. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you.

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I listened to both tracks.
Canon you need to not think like a Guitarist when you mix but an average listener/Engineer.The guitars are way too high in the mix which pushes the drums and bass to the back of a mix.Then the reverb on the drums pushes the drums even further back.
As the guitar as an instrument is in the middle frequencies the human ear can perceive it easier than things like Bass etc so it doesn't always have to be as dominant.
I don't know what recording software you are using but it's always worthwhile joining the forums related to the gear you are using.I use,"Reaper" and they have a fantastic forum with video tutorials and help.

This is a great reference sight that I use all the time,


Sleeping in has nice potential.A trick I use if doing an acoustic version that would help is that I record with a basic drum backing to play to in Reaper and then mute it to just allow the guitars to master.This way I can keep my timing better than if I just used a metronome or played solo.

All good stuff.Keep going

Yeah... Sleeping in.. Good progression mood.. you have potential in rythym guitar.. Soloing not so much unless you really work hard before you graduate hs.

Keep working

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