Whats up? Evidently you either hate or like pop/punk music enough to where you would be reading this right? Well, my names Rodney and I am one of the guitarists in the band Switch 52. We try to play in a style similar to that of Blink 182 and All Time Low.
So yeah if you live in Texas around Conroe then add me as a friend so you can hear about when our shows are.
Or you can check me out soon on youtube when I get some stuff uploaded. (No lyrics there though, just music.)
See you,
Rodney Of Switch 52...
conroe? hah i'm in baytown right on the other side of houston

doesn't sound like my kinda music tho
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Not yet about the myspace thing, I got a long practice tommorow with the guys and I will try to bring that up with them. (Thanks for reminding me btw, I keep forgetting...)