Hey all - First time poster alert!

My Setup
Amp - Marshall AVT 275 Combo
Guitar - Ibanez RG550EX
Boss - Mental Zone (MT-2)
Boss - OverDrive/Distortion (OS-2)
Boss - Chromatic Turner (TU-2)

I wanted to ask about my amp the "Marshall AVT 275 Combo" i know this amp has an "FX loop" on the back on the amp but not sure how it works and what pedals i should run with it.

This is the manual but still dont really know how to use it.

Thanks in advance...

dont run any of those pedals through it.
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Effects loops are for modulation effects. Generally, your amp will sound horrible if you run overdrives/distortions through the effects loop.
The way an FX loop works is you run another cable from the "Send" or the "Out" jack, to the pedal (for instance an MXR equalizer) and that cable plugs into the MXR pedal's input.

Then you take another cable from the pedal's output, back to the FX loops "In" or "Receive" jack.

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