Okay, since christmas is coming up I'm looking for a new guitar. The guitar NEEDS a floating tremolo system. Preferably Floyd Rose because I know it's good quality then. I have been looking at the Ibanez RG series and the Jackson RR series, and I can't decide.

So can you please give me some advice? My price range is around £200 - £300. Thanks!
the RG's dont have floyd Rose bridges. they have edge III bridges. it's gonna be pretty hard to find a good guitar that is reliable with good pickups, reliable trem. etc. for that price in my opinion.
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Chances are you won't get a good trmolo system at that price range. You can get a decent hardtail, though. I'm not sure what trem Floyd Rose Fender Strats have (I'm assuming it's a FR, but the price of US$500 makes me question it. I don't know how much they are in your country, though.)
they have bc rich speedloader beasts on ebay for around $600, sometimes lower. i have one and i've never had any problems with it except that it was damaged beforehand
An ibanez S series is probably the cheapest guitar with a proven locking trem system. A jackson dinky might fit into your price range as well (I dont really know how money works in the UK ) an they have one of the best quality LFRs out there.
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Ibanez RG defintley their pretty versatile guitars imo I can play everything from Guns N Roses to Corpse on mine.
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Do NOT get a cheap RG with an Edge III unless you know you're willing to spend $175 to toss in an OFR somewhere down the line.

I second the S320. It's $500, and has the ZR trem =