Firstly: crit for crit

I wrote this song over a period of 2-3 days, recorded it in a few hours. I originally wanted to use some crazy found-percussion, but that proved to difficult for me. I played the guitar parts in two takes. Recorded through my built in macbook mic.

The song is a comparison between ants and people. It also expresses some good old fashion existential angst. (I may or may not have quoted Sartre)



What have I done?
I know not what to do
Or of the minds of everyone else
I sense my man’s end
My two antennae seem absurd
We’re just living in piles of dirt

I was built to bite you if I should sense my chance
Chance! Chance! Chance! Chance! Chance! Chance! Chance!

I wake up, work, nourish myself, I do it all over again

It’s child’s play
It’s child’s play
Nothing happens when you’re alive, it’s true
Nothing ever happens,
Cars go by, shoes walk over you
And if it were to rain we’d all be covered in matter
It’s all just the same.
work on your singing, to be blunt it needs a lot of work . Also try to make the guitar parts more interesting, for the most part its only 2 chords which makes it kind of dull. Check out my song in my profile