so empty tonight?

Threads aren't moving through the list as fast as they normally do?

Any ideas/speculations?
Half of The Pits members have been killed in the India terrorist attacks. I never knew we had so many Indians here.

Because not everyone makes stupid ass threads and bumps.


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Stop Performing Meathook Sodomy On Yourself
day before thanksgiving in the US,with family?
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the pitmonkeys might have lives.
just an idea, but god forbid.
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Maybe people are playing their guitars?

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Half of The Pits members have been killed in the India terrorist attacks. I never knew we had so many Indians here.


Piss off.
I slept most of the day...I can only guess everyone else is doing the same.

or they are spending the day cleaning off the dining room table which only gets eaten at once a year for thanksgiving....something I still need to get around to doing lol

After I woke up I started recording a cover for a Blue Man Group song as well so that was something else to do other than be bored in The Pit...
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Maybe people are playing their guitars?


Too unlikely.

Probably hardcore fapping.
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It's 3AM here and I'm playing on my acoustic. Trying to mute the strings as much as I can but I forget at times. Hopefully the neighbours are deaf.
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Edit: Then take pictures and send me them.

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It has been this way lately dude...it's kind of annoying
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It's the night before thanksgiving, so everyone is traveling to get to family.
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Piss off.

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