Hey folks. I have a bit of an issue. I have an old Ibanez Radius. Just like modern Prestige models like the Jem and JS and the S series, it has an output jack that doesnt have the nut outside. Its one of those barrel output jacks with no nut.
My cable falls out sometimes and I feel that the output jack is loose. Ive opened up the back but im still not sure how to approach tightening one of these output jacks. Any help is appreciated


pic of the output jack
Have you tried opening it up and tightening it on the inside? You'll probably need a small spanner, but that should do the trick.
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well, if your cable falls out, your jack is screwed, need a new one, if the jack itself falls out then it needs to be tightened. my Fender has the same jack. i think i tighened mine with a small pair of pliers
im thinking of getting a neutrik 1/4 jack to replace my regular barrel jack. should i know anything before i make a purchase. besides the locking mechanism is there anything that makes it different?