yes, im looking for various neck measurements, so i can do a profile of different necks for my template thread. i tried this thread in the electric guitar forum but it didn't too much success, so im asking here, here was deftonesordie original idea.

Reason being, I operate the ultimate template thread, Here

And, well, this idea was proposed,

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Hey, not sure if this has been mentioned, but I figured that the best place for this would be here:

Maybe some measurements for neck profiles (C,D,V, etc...) could be put in here? that way it'd be possible to print these out to use for reference when carving necks? Like, Measurements at the nut,5th, 7th, 12th, and 19th? (just an idea)

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shouldn't be hard at all, just a matter of measuring the neck and drawing it up on CAD, but I figured it'd be neat to have a go-to guide for anyone who's looking to get an accurate representation of the neck shape if you're building for you/someone else

So i decided to do it. I only have one kind of neck, and no local guitar place, so if you all could list your guitar, and the measure of the neck profile (width,height etc) at the following frets: nut, 5th, 7th. 12th, and 19th it would be great. also please list the radius of the fretboard if you can. PS. i'm really desperate for a a set of strat measurements at the moment, but i still need all others!

All help would be appreicated
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