looking for a Les Paul with case hit me up with what you have ! !

this is a brand new warranty replacement amp ampeg sent me, this has less than 15 mins play time on it..



Oozing vintage charm.

The Ampeg R212R Reverberocket Amp is the world's most sought-after amp by both jazz and blues guitarists. The Reverberocket Amp is characterized by its outstanding clean, fat, round tube tone and diamond blue vintage covering. The Ampeg R212R amp will take you back to tube-tone paradise. 50W of Class AB power, 2 Ampeg Vintage 12" speakers, 2 Groove Tube 6L6s and 3 - 12AX7s, 2-channel operation, and reverb. Bass, mid, and treble tone controls. Line out/line in connections have been added. Ampeg's R212R Reverberocket Amp is 25"W x 19"H x 11"D and weighs 55 lbs.

Ampeg R212R Reverberocket Amp Features:

* Clean, fat, round tube tone
* Diamond blue vintage covering
* 50W of Class AB power
* Two Ampeg Vintage 12" speakers
* Two Groove Tube 6L6s and three 12AX7s
* Two-channel operation
* Bass, mid, and treble tone controls
* Reverb
* Line out/line in connections
* with amp stand (purchased separately)

Sale Price: $799.00 Guaranteed Lowest Price!
List Price: $1,099.00


would like a Gibby VM or would consider an Epi Les paul (elitist, Classic, Custom) with case but it would have to be a pretty nice one..

Fenders will also be considered..

this also comes with 2 footswitches and cables..

cash price would be $675 + Shipping

Made in the USA ! ! !