I have a Line 6 Spider III (75 watts), and I've been researching on the Valve. Is it really that much better (yes I know it has tubes)?
I don't have any experience with the Valve series but from the reviews that I've seen/read, the Valve series is significantly better than the regular old SS series... however, there are still much better amps out there for the same price.
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As far as I know, the modelling engine thing is still all digital, but the digital signal is amplified by tubes... if that is true, then you could expect the tone to be basically the same at low volumes, and it'll sound a decent amount better at higher volumes...
Spiders= still overpriced for the tone they offer considering the alternatives.
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The valve spider is better than the Spider III, but it's still not a brilliant amp. If you want a modeler, get a Flextone.
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The valve is ok. Not gonna lie its actually quite versitile.

But it lacks the warmth of pre-amp tubes.

Yes... the digital modeler functions as the pre-amp section in the amp. The only bogner tubes in the thing are the power tubes.
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It is worlds beyond the spider 3 if that is what you are getting at. Having said that, finding an original tube amp that you like will generally sound the best, unless you happen to really enjoy the versatility of the modeling stuff.
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