Jesus im totally depressed about playing in bands. Basically ive formed a prog rock/metal band a few years ago, we write and rehearse ten 8+ minute songs ala tool, opeth etc. We have so many member problems that we have to rerehearse several times..play one gig in that time to 10 people mostly friends (which was at 12.30am just before closing because the PA guy wanted home so we had 20 mins.

Now we are 3 instead of 5 trying to reteach another guitarist. There are no decent guitarists in the area except shred heads who dont like the music or w/e... the bandmembers dont even like prog they just want to be in a local band..so they start introducing their own radically different..indie post rock stuff and try 100% more to get that stuff going. Then im told in my own band in rehersal i need to practise the new songs more (when no one has practised any of the old ones ever).
Everytime i advertise for local guys the same people answer the ads (who are like 13 or 55 lol).

Even the biggest prog rock and metal bands (the few of them) play in smallish halls and we are just unliked by metalcore jocks who only like the brootalz, or indie alt people who think its too self indulgent so we get around one myspace comment per 6 months saying we are any good. Ive told them im giving up bands and thinking about doing home recording. Im totally down about it all. Anyone have any similar experiences or other thoughts about the futility of local bands?
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Been there..... well, if (and only if) you're 100% committed to a prog-rock band, move to a place where you can find the type of people you need. Easier said than done I know, but it's possible.

Otherwise, recording is always good. Home studios are great: you can play every part exactly the way you want it, and there's nobody to complain / walk out / no-show / push their own songs / hit on your girlfriend / etc....