hey everyone! Especially those newer players just joining a band.
MY LONG LOVED PEAVEY XXX IS FOR SALE :[ I'm getting rid of it because
for a peavey, its kind of mid focused as apposed to say a 6505. and my playing
in drom A is low to low mid focused. I'm just finishing up my 2x12 Cab build,
and am in search of the ultimate speaker, and am selling this to afford either a
Single Rectifier head or a JCM 2000 TSL to match the cab. its a 120 Watt 2x12
combo, the speakers handle 100 watts each. 3 channels; clean, crunch and ultra.
this amp has a very tight mid heavy sound great for thrash, or some thick old school
dropped D and C metal riffiage. The ultra channel is great for some thick sustaining leads. this amp can handle just about everything, if you cut the tone on your guitar,
raise the lows and mids on the crunch channel, drop the gain, and up the volume, you
can get a nice david gilmour lead sound. the clean channel breaks up nicely when turned up, good for classic rock and blues.
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