3 hour jam, breaks right in the middle. so i switched to my dads old 60s tele.. thought it was battery, replace it . still wont work.. take it somewhere, we open it up, theres circuit boards and ****, wiring and everything looked fine, no way to know why it stopped working for no reason... so i either, get a new guitar. Or spend about 300-400 dollars getting it fixed by re-wiring, getting new pickups, filling in the wholes where the circuit boards were, and even then it wont sound as good as it did before... This sucks the big fat one..
I take it that it's no longer under warranty?
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Evedently. guitarcenter wont take it back because, clapton originally had a block in his trem, i took that our so i could use it.. so it voided it
I doubt something as silly as that will void the warranty, and you should be able to hassle them to get it fixed if you've only just bought it! Very, very poor customer service if they won't help you out.

Since you unblocked the trem and were using it, you may have caused something to go wrong with the grounding of the electronics, as they are grounded to the trem claw.

I'd definately be looking for Guitar Center to fix it!
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Nah, i took about the wood block that was blocking the trem, that coundt have done anything and i did that forever ago
Well if the wood block being removed made something touch and short, it COULD do something, and it could take forever to finally short. You never know.
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they will fix it, im sure of it. it has a LIFETIME warranty. if they replaced my strat neck just because i wasnt super happy with it, then im sure they will fix your wiring.
or you could do it yourself.
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ok, if you don't know what all that wiring is, then you can't say that the wiring is fine, go take it to someone who knows how to deal with that before claiming the entire electronics system is dead and needs to be replaced.

don't bring it to a guitar center, those people know nothing about fixing equipment, bring it to an instrument repair guy.
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And he told you that you need to completely replace everything? I'd at least get a second opinion before committing a few hundred dollars to something that may be able to be fixed. I assure you, I've done enough modding, fixing, replacing in a guitar that I've found there are very few things that cannot be fixed. For electronics if the pickups themselves broke you might need to get a new set, but that's it, if something went wrong with the circuit board or wiring, fixing that is a trivial task.

Go take it to an actual tech who might be able to fix it, see if he can and get a quote on it. I find it very unlikely that one could not figure out what is wrong and know why you would be unable to fix it.
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my advice: scrap them lace sensor pickups and get some antiquities in there and get a real strat tone.
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