my dad has a 1970 something fender strat contour body with a steal reinforced neck...problems with it the low e string twangs really bad i know fenders are a lil twangy but not that much....i do believe the string is to low at the top of the neck on the first fret. but even playing bar chords the top string kinda belches. the pickups have a little age to them they are a little oxidized...so i thought that might do it but im not going to go take sand paper or something to it and mess it up without a little help from somebody who might have worked on a guitar before. also it seems as the 3 string just don't hit the right pitch on the lower frets. when im playing the intro on tornadoe of souls and when i hit the 7th fret of the 3rd string its almost flat but yet when i tune it it is 100% dead on....a ear and harmonics is better then any tuner.....
Adjust the intonation and action.
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if your talking about the bridge bud i need a walkthrough and something that will go in the hole on the set screws on the bridge the have filled in after 30 some years...
Take it to a tech, they'll be able to restore and fix it so it will be playable again. They'll probably go "Oooh, ahh, a classice guitar".
ya it needs to be done i hope they can fix the neck from sweat and rubbing on it because i mean this thing has been played a lot...i clean good every time i put strings on it but its to late to really help it out...now will getting it restored decrease the value? i also have a 1960 something burns and london ampeg i guess there was very few of them made but the electrical is bad in it....2 things that need to be fixed......