I'm going to be buying an OD pedal soon, and I've been trying to find one that can add a little grime/dirt without getting too heavy. My best example would be Frusciante's Mother's Milk/BSSM tone (think Under the Bridge chorus). It kind of has some grit to it, yet individual notes are easily recognizable in a chord. But I do want a versatile pedal, something that can be used as a clean boost or turned up for a nice crunch. I'd like to spend around $100, but I can go up to $200 if you're really convincing. Thanks.

EDIT: I'm running an American Deluxe Strat through a 30 watt Palomino.
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Check out the Xotic BB preamp. One of the best overdrive pedals out there. You can get that light drive sound to make those chords sparkle or you can turn it up and have godly lead tones.

The pedal sounded phenomenal and I had tried it through an MG30 in the store. That's saying a lot, I'm very picky when it comes to tone. I've gone through 5 different amps this month just because something was slightly off.
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It depends what kind of amp you're using but if you're using a tube amp that breaks up pretty early try the Z.Vex Super hard on (or better yet, Box of Rock).

Actually go for the Zvex box of rock, because it has the clean boost circuit in it along with the overdrive circuit and it can be bought for $200 if you get the non-handpainted models whereas the SHO doesn't have such an option.
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