I know fridge_raider sees these units as a gimmick and I do too however I see them as a gimmick mostly for the price they are sold at.

Think about it this way. Amp modeling software is out there and yes it works great.
Interfaces are also out there and most of them work great.

The thing that separates the quality of the hardware and software is the amount of money that goes into them.

The Toneports are interfaces and yes they do work. You are limited though with a 1.1 USB connection, poor preamps, and poorly designed software all because of the price it is sold at. The budget doesn't allow for high quality parts in the interface.

Higher end setups may cost twice as much in some cases but you clearly get a better product overall. Software such as Amplitube 2 sounds much clearer than Gearbox because the developers where given more time and money to work on it.
Interfaces starting at $200 are clearly better than the Toneports as you get better preamps, more inputs and outputs, and better connections such as USB 2.0 and Firewire.

So my overall point is that the Toneports do work ok but they are low budget units. If anyone wants good tone you are better off using a higher quality amp modeling software or even better, micing your actual amps.

When it comes to audio gear, the statement of "you get what you pay for" is usually true.

Anyone else is free to post their thoughts on this subject.
Good thread idea moody . Something like this needs to stay near the top end of the page, to help clear up the endless rounds of Toneport threads.

kinda makes you wish someone would getting around to modding the forum. *cough*

My addition to this thread is that whilst the amp simulations that come with the toneport may seem okay, I place a lot more trust and faith in knowing that something coming out of Amplitube or Guitar Rig will sound good, than i would trust to the gearbox software. I have used and will continue to use guitar rig 3 on track demos, and occasionally even on full mastered tracks, where the tone has been good enough to fit in perfectly.
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Guitar Rig 3 > Toneport/Gearbox x 100
I have the gold edition which means that its top of the line
And now, they even have the POD Farm, man what a ripoff
Its been 4 months and I've already outgrown the toneport
Its good if you are on a budget
But I can also suggest buying an interface
And using pirated software
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I am very sorry by the way, but a man needs to speak his truth/holy opinion.
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Thank you moody. Hopefully this thread will cut down some of the toneport threads we get all the time. To be honest, I'd say this would merit a sticky, because it really is a subject that gets posted just about every day. Problem is, after a while, people stop looking in the stickied thread, so people posting questions sometimes get ignored. That started happening with the Audacity thread.

On the subject of the Toneports, everything moody said is true.
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The cool thing with the Toneport are that they do a really good job with the latency issues. For some with older pc's this may be a factor. I've used th UX1 before with headphones and it was good considering my laptop is about 5 years old.

I'm really not sure that AI's can help with latency issues.
^ If by AI you mean Audio Interface's, then I'm afraid to say that you are an idiot. You begin by saying that Toneports do help with latency, but audio interface's don't. First of all, that's utter crap, and second of all, Toneports ARE audio interfaces.

If by AI, you meant something else, then sorry.
There is poetry in despair.
I use a pod x3 for home recording. I dont like the sound of the tone as much as an all tube half stack but i like the ease of recording. I use it to put ideas down like record riffs or Ill record a riff or progression and then jam over it etc. ITs a usefull practice tool and very inexpensive. I am happy with it and didnt expect it to be amazing tone and was pleasently surprized because if you mess with the settings you can get some really nice tones.

I wouldnt use it live but its a good tool for getting ideas onto your computer, eliminates the need of a loop pedal which i was looking into that costs the same. I can hear myself playing and pick out any areas that need work that i dont hear when im playing. So yea i think they are good for a practice aide/toy. Not for getting the ultimate tone or live performance or anything. The tons of effects are fun to play with too.