I've been working on barring C-A-G-E-D chords, obviously I'm still very sloppy with them. Before it become a horrible habit, maybe, is it a bad thing (I do it with G and D really bad) to have 1/3 or maybe a bit more of your finger hanging off the edge off the neck? Basically I have the whole top section (the part with the nail) hanging off the neck when I bar, especially D. I just need to know if I need to change this ASAP, or if I can keep on doing what I am doing.

Any tips on barring would also be greatly appreciated.

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No that should be fine as long as all the notes are ringing clearly. The muscles in your fingers arn't used to the barring motion so it will be hard for a while just keep practising them slowly, making sure every note rings and you get them down.
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like my teacher said to me dont matter how you barre (since sometimes i do with my thumb) as lond as you can ring all the correct notes

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There is never really any definitive technique with guitar, that's part of the beauty, you make your own style, as long as the chord is clear and sounds like a chord you are trying to play, you can play it however you want to.
instead of barring with the soft part of your finger, turn it to the side - there are valleys or grooves where your finger bends which make a lot of problems for people at first - turn it to the side - it'll look funny but it'll do the job
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Another trick to barring successfully is to try and not use your thumb as a support. When you're pushing down with the fretting hand on the neck, try and counter act this by using the arm of your picking hand to bring the body of the guitar close to your body, which in turn will push the neck towards your fretting fingers. You should be able to play barre chords without using too much pressure from your thumb.
gareth is right - except dont press to hard (if you have a cheaper guitar) a friend of mine snapped the guitar neck off
When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep -- not screaming, like the passengers in his car.
Do it how it is comfortable for you You might want to roll your finger onto it's side a bit though to make it easier to make the barre because that part of your finger is stronger and firmer