so i bought me a used dunlop cry baby gcb-95 a while back, and it works decently, and im sure i have it hooked up correctly, but the sound the wah makes seems to be off.

i know what sound a wah is supposed to make so just bear with me here.

the toe down position sounds great, and when i start going toe up, the tone starts to sound off. when i get about halfway, its like a sudden jump from the trebly tone to the fat tone, not really gradual, and the fat tone sounds real dead and flat. im wondering if it is something internal, cuz thats all i can think of. everything about the pedal is fine and dandy, shuts off fine, bypass is clean, but the toe up's tone is just bugging me cuz it sounds off. im mostly noticing it while playing the solo to enter sandman because i need those gradual sweeps and toe up tone in some places.

any advice is great.
The sweep on these wah's is just spikey man. You could mod it somehow and smooth it out though, I've heard its remarkably easy.
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Theres a mod to give it more mids which smooths the transition from treb to bass. Mines on a switch for normal/mids. Its just a resister inside that has to be changed.
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