Which would you get? I already have a Boss Metal Zone and I'm thinking of getting a Metal-Core. I also like the mxr delay pedal. I would like a good one for clean stuff (like the middle of Master of Puppets, or in Megadeth's A Tout le Monde). What else is missing?
noise supressor (i dont use a distortion pedal) i use a overdrive pedal the tube screamer is good compressor/sustainer and you shuld b good maybee one of those harmonizeing pedals would b cool
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For you, I'd suggest a new amp if you're buying distortion pedals, especially those distortion pedals.

For me, all I need is an Overdrive, maybe a Noise Suppressor, though my ISP hasn't gotten much love in a while.
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The Metal Core is good... a Noise Supressor is important, if you're playing Metallica you might invest in a decent wah pedal, maybe a whammy pedal too.
noise supressor to kill the unwanted buzz, a clean boost to boost for solos, a good wah pedal to get good wah noises and that's pretty much it. I'ts the amp that'll make your biggest differance.
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Simplicity is golden... who needs effects? I honestly don't know how anyone could like the metalcore pedal.
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I heart my EHX Metal Muff. I don't play a lot of metal, but that thing is awesome.
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