so im really into finger picking and i can play stairway, dust in the wind, black bird, tears in heaven etc. but im looking for songs that are a bit more challenging that sound good but not to incredibly hard. any suggestions?
Leyenda Asturias by Isaac Albeniz is really cool, though pretty hard piece to aim for

I suggest short Preludes and Etudes by Manuel Ponce, Matteo Carcassi, and Scott Tennant, you can find their stuff in here and probably a video of someone playing it on youtube, here's a nice easy one to check out

however if you're not that into classical guitar I'll say Kamelot's A Sailorman's Hymn, On The Coldest Winter Night, and Don't You Cry
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Have a go with Manuel Ponce's pieces if you can. But if you can find tabbed version of his pieces it would be better because he uses a lot of full barre chords , and barre chords + standard notation = massive headache. I'm quite proficient with sight reading as well.
It's cools that Ponce composed a lot of pieces at the request of Andres Segovia.
"Big Love (Live '98)" - Fleetwood Mac

Not too hard or complex, but might give your fingers a workout.
I totally agree with the recommendations above, 'those who wait' and 'Angelina' are great. I would also recommend 'I've always thought of you', also by Tommy Emmanuel.

While your there try learning classical gas, thats good too.
I think that the first response to this thread is the only substantial one.
Try to give broader categories guys, not just individual recommendations. I'd like to expand on the classical guitar style recommendation but I'd open of to say that you take a look at beginner and intermediate level pieces, as advanced ones kick most peoples asses, especially those asses which aren't accustomed to the classical guitar style. Sor has a great collection of 25 etudes.

As for modern artists, I'd recommend Antoine Dufour and Joey Eppard primarily, and I second the mentionings above. Also, check into traditional Celtic music, as it has some fantastic fingerwork involved.
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If you like blues at all, try some Robert Johnson or maybe Big Bill Broonzy stuff.
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This is rather good to play, if your looking for something more challenging that try Angelina by Tommy Emmanuel as Bryan Connolly said.

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"Big Love (Live '98)" - Fleetwood Mac

Not too hard or complex, but might give your fingers a workout.

This! Blew me away the 1st time I heard it.

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