im getting a guitar, ive decided finally to sell my edge 3 ibanez, use the money & some saved to get a guitar with either edge pro or ZR, what one is better?
list pros & cons plz
ahh, ive had this discussion before lol i am also curious, although, i think edge pro = easier and just as good ohh wait, that was the edge zero... dw. *waits out of curiosity*

its knife edges vs bearings.

the bearings get dirty and you have to look after them, as to the knife edges that just eventually wear and need replacing
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go on the ibanez site and suss them out.

the edge pro is just a generic floyd (with out going into detail)

the ZR, has as i said, a bearing system rather than knife edges.
it also has a intonation adjustment tool built in, and i think a trem stopper thing as well if you wanted it to dive only etc.

besides that they both do the same thing. i think the real question is, if you want a RG or an S series, or, if you can afford it, one of the prestige RG's with the edge zeros, which are basically ZR's, but have a knife edge system.

i don't know any secrets about them, but IMO, they both work. (but you have to maintain the bearings, IE, oil the housings etc) but yeah up to the guitar.

its not like ones a complete pile of crap as one isnt
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i have a prestige RG in my guitar cabinet, its 4 years old, the edges are fine, its not like a thing you have to do weekly. (it was someones main performance guitar for 3 of thos years) if you were wondering if it has been abused lol
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IT depends you just have to try them, since I believe the edge has more range, but for ease of use I would say the zr would be pretty easy to use.
Edge 3 = lousy trem.

The Edge Pro and ZR are both very good, you really can't go wrong with either.