Amazingly enough I casn't find any info in the UG forum or even google - so I'm posting a thread to see if anyone can help. I'm new to playing so currently only use a Squier Mini Strat - bought it just in case I didn't like playing so at least then the kids could use it! Actually isn't half bad....but I've been researching for a good starter guitar for me where the physical aspects are currently most important - especially weight balance. I only play sitting down and often quite like playing without the amp (Roland 15x) so quite like a nice acoustic sound. I have a short list (Ibanez SZR's, PRS Tremonti) but my local store has a second hand Yamaha which I cannot find out anything about. It has a set neck, locking strings, floating bridge and 2 EMG pickups - a single coil at the neck and one humbucker at the bridge. It suits what I want (and has a real 80's look which sadly, I desire!) but they seem to want quite a lot (AU$595) for it - missing knobs and all. What confuses me from googling is that the RGX series doesn't seem especially high-end. So does anyone know this guitar and can give me some feedback as to when it was made & what it was worth? Ta Adrian
It's not on the Yamah website, so it's probably discontinued
If it's missing components then you should consider asking the music store staff to knock off a fair bit of the price or repair it for you free of charge
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Thanks for that - I too couldnt find any reference on Yamaha sites. What still amazes more is in this techno world I cant seem to find a reference anywhere on the web for any Yamaha RGX that even vaguely sounds like this one. Too be honest I'm not too fussed about the knobs and yes - I would certainly bargain with them since they havent even bothered to put new strings in it! But what I am hoping to find out is some sort of starting price point. early days!