Hey! im seraching for a good semi-hollow guitar to buy. its obvious what style i play. (blues,funk,alternative)

If you are looking for a new guitar, I like the thin-line telecaster. If you'll settle for something used, I think you could get a good gibson 339 or 335.
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hey there,

i would go for something in the hagstrom viking series if your looking for a semi-hollow guitar around that price

i own one myself, its a really great guitar
I have an 80s sheraton, lovely thing, I have it for sale, but I might end up keeping it.
Gretch make good ones.
And I love the Ibanez Artcore's, too. Haven't tried the Epiphone metioned above, though, looks beautiful.

And then of course, a Gibson ES-335/337 is my absolute favorite, but that's quite a bit over $700. Unfortunately, quite a bit too much for me, too.
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i have to say....

i've got an epiphone sheraton II, had it for about a year (it was my third guitar)

and i would reccomend it to you.

the tone is just perfect, you get a really full sound (if that's what you're after).

when i was choosing it i looked at a LOT of Gretsch's (i really like John Frusciante so i wanted to copy him i guess)... if given the choice now i wouldn't swap it for any gretsch, or any other guitar at all.

that's how much i like it.

hope this has helped.
try out an epiphone "wildkat", i just recently got one, and am floored at the way it "growels".
Mid priced;
Epiphone Sheraton II
Ibanez Artcore(entire series is good)

Epiphone Dot

personally id choose the Sheraton, best bag for your buck
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Epiphone semi-hollow bodies are excellent (or atleast the ones I've tried out have been).
Gretsch G5120

Love mine. 600 bucks, go play it.

it's full hollow, but whatever.
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Quote by willieturnip
Sheraton II

That is all.


honestly, try one, look into it.
my friend has one and it's AMAZING.

it's up there with the high end thousand dollar semihollows.

amazing tone, so light, beautiful inlays, multi binding, just amazing.
beautiful headstock too.

great guitar, can't stress enough.

and if you others think it sucks because it's an epiphone, you're idiots.