Yeah I know, I don't post here anymore, but I jotted down a couple pieces in the last week at work actually, and decided to throw em up here. So... here ya go.

"You Love the Rain"

So the man on the moon is taking his time
I've waited before but now I've waited all night
this time
I know he's got a cure for what's been plaguing you in your sleep
But it's no different from what's been causing all my suffering
It's all real for me

I know you hate this game
Girl you're sick but safe
You can't sleep and I can't stay awake

I know you love the rain
But it's poured all day
And flooded all the streets
We can't get away

The night is never as light as you would like it to be
But never dark enough to cover your lack of sleep
It's poison to any chance of you
Ever breaking free

Cause every move leads you to believe
That forever you'll remain alone with me
And a cold December is your only memory of home
It's all twisted in this blanket of cold

I know you hate this place
Where you can't touch or taste
You can run forever and
not finish this race

I know you love the rain
Well it snowed all day
And leaves us stuck here
Without any escape
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