ok, our band has 2 guitarists me and my friend, we are both pretty good and can shred and such. our songs are sort of like all that remains (fall of ideals!) or COB, or kalmah, u gett he idea-its fairly fast and technical

now we are all able to play our original songs, sometimes not exactly as we wanted it to be but its good, except for the guitar solos.

when i soloit sounds fine, obviously not perfect but nothing more practice cant fix (this is shredding and stuff), now the other guitarists solos dont sound 'bad' but it just isnt what we have written down for the song.

just imagine uninspired guitarists meets kerry king-it all just seems to be chromatic runs of the same pattern...

now i was trying this out, i learnt his solo for one of our songs, took me maybe 2 days and its note for note perfect-so it cant be too hard right? and im not sure exactly what he does, but he seems to just startt at the root note of what he wrote, and adlib some chromatic **** until he gets to his 'destination'-it sounds fast, but not melodic which is what we are going for.

my problem-should i tell the band about this problem and ask how they feel, or should i just approach the other guitarist about it and ask him wtf. i dont think its his guitar ability, he is able to play very technical verses and chorus etc of songs at great pace and accuracy, and in his solos he doesnt miss any notes or not hit the string or whatever, its just as if he is too lazy to actually learn the solo.

Your best option is to speak to your guitarist, tell him your concern and figure out what you can do going forward.
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First of all, i don't think he's the only one having problems with the solos. It's both of you.

Work on your phrasing and remember that sometimes less is more.
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