hey everyone

i play a half stack peavey valveking 100 and i cant get a good metal tone out of it
any recommendations to what i should have my settings at?

for this reason i play through a boss mt-2
not a great choice but i can get some sick tones out of it but i would rather play just play thourgh the amp.

i am also looking for a noise gate
a friend recommended the boss ns-2

if anyone has feedback on this pedal and can help explain to me what it really does i would be most happy

sorry about my english and spelling

thanks alot!

Get rid of the MT-2 and buy an Overdrive pedal to boost the VK's lead channel.

Buy an ISP Decimator instead, the NS-2 is alright but sucks quite a bit of tone.

Delete your other thread.
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matrix claw is right, get urself a nice keeley modded ts-9 or ts-808, put it in ur lead channel, and watch ur tone kick ass
An od pedal will do it. I think the ns-2 works fine I click mine on and off and theres no difference in tone but I've heard it matters what set up you have. It's better to go with the isp to be sure because it's a better grade noise gate. I just read that you don't know what an ns-2 does. Well it cuts out any feed back or hiss from your guitar. It doesn't cut down on amp noise this one isn't for the fx loop. Amp hum you'll need something else. But personally I hate any noise reducer that takes away amp hum because they seem to all suck the life out of tone. I was using a hush pedal in the fx loop and it made it really quiet but wasn't worth the tone loss. The ns-2 it sounds exactly the same for me.