if i buy a 60 watt speaker, does that automatically make my 30 watt amp into a 60 watt amp?

also, what are the major differences between the green beret (greenback copy) and the veteran 30 (vintage 30 copy)?

would it be better to purchase the 25 watt green beret over the 60 watt veteran 30 to push my speakers more?

thanks and sorry for the noob questions
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The wattage of a speaker only means how much it can handle.

So if Your amp has 30w, you want speakers that handle AT LEAST 30w.
(unless you want speaker distortion, dunno)

It doesn't really change loudness.
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No the amplifier section of your... amplifier will decide how much wattage you have. The speaker is a maximum... think maximum RPM that a car can run at.

The difference between the "Green Beret" and "Veteran 30" will be different flavors to your sound.

No it wouldn't be better. A modern 25w speaker could probably keep up with a 30w amp (since you wouldn't be turning your volume to max... right?) Higher generally accepted as the better alternative.
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