Ok, well, i'm hopefully getting a new guitar soon

and i've pretty much narrowed it down to a schecter hellraiser c-1 FR and a Gibson les paul standard

but if you guys have any more suggestions, throw them at me

yeah, I know they're pretty different in many ways, including price

Brand new, the hellraiser is $840 w/o case, and a 2008 les paul standard is $2600 w/ case

and i'm not the kind of person who has money to spend, this is the only guitar i'm getting for a long time most likely.

pros and cons:
les paul:
has amazing tone
is expensive
doesn't have a whammy
22 frets
a thicker neck (which I am pretty much used to)

has pretty good tone as well, including pretty decent cleans (split coil feature)
has a floyd rose (which means I can't switch tunings with ease, which is kind of a downside)
24 frets
is less expensive

and they're both somewhat heavier guitars

Sound is the most important thing I think, but the les paul doesn't have the other things i'd like, like the floyd and the 24 frets, and that's a lot of money for me.

And music wise, I play stuff from rock to metal, to classic rock, and punk, so I don't want a guitar with crappy cleans.

So, which one would you get?
And don't just say "get the gibson because it's obvious" because it's not.
Or what else would you recommend?
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Well my question is whether you're ready to spend around 2 grand on a guitar when you're comfortable comparing it to one that's under a thousand dollars. If I had the money, I would go with the LP, because I think they're amazing guitars and they'll last you a lifetime.

EDIT: If you want something like an LP for rock/metal you should check out ESP's . The ones in that link are around $1000, and you can find ones with Floyd Roses.
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if you decide on the LP, try an LP with a sixties style neck. which is a much quicker neck and i absolutely love it. the schecter is a great guitar for the money, you're pretty much saying whats better a gibson lp because its a gibson (which is auto awesome) or a guitar that actually fits your needs but doesn't have that (dream guitar/ wow factor)
taniel made a good point about the ESPs, but if you like thicker necks you will NOT get an ESP.

Questions to ask yourself:

1. How often do you use my trem (if you have one) or wish you had one for a song you're playing (if you don't)? Do you want a trem just for the fun effects or do you really need it? Are you prepared to spend an hour changing strings and setting it up? Make sure you do your reasearch if you get a floating trem.

2. How often do I actually use the 23rd and 24th fret? But more frets = better access, so are you comfortable reaching the 22nd on the Les Paul?

Oh, and btw, why not an SG?
what the???? those two guitars are literally worlds apart...

Gibson LP Pros n Cons:
new 08 standards have 'plek' technology that virtually eliminates fret buzz by precision leveling of the frets.
A timeless Gibson guitar
harder to solo past the 19th fret due to extreme chunkiness
Seriously overpriced
Could get something that sounds close to the same LP deepness, but for much cheaper, that won't make you want to bash someone if they accidentally knock it over.

Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR Pros n Cons
24 fret ultra access with sexy carved neck joint
EXTRA jumbo frets to make technical stuff easier
Original Floyd Rose
"State of the art" active coil-tapped EMG 81TW/89 set
Well priced, good quality
Neck is as thick as most Gibson LPs anyway
Limited lifetime warranty as well
Still has that LP weight
Still mahogany with a maple cap (unless you get white/black), still a rosewood f/board
Costs less than a third of the price, could get 3 or 4 for one Gibson

IMO Get the Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR. Don't look back. Gibson's quality control has been questionable in recent times, hence the introduction of the new 'plek' technology to ensure level fretwork - after how many yrs of producing less than perfect mega-expensive guitars??? Keep your remaining $1800 or so and buy whatever else you want to make u happy, be that another guitar (can't see why not), amp, pedals, car parts, whatever.

Getting the Gibson is putting all your eggs in one basket...Personally if I ever get one it'll be when i'm old, hopefully can afford it fairly easily and have plenty of other guitars, but just want my own classic LP (i've always wanted one and still do, but at this point while i'm not that good nor rich I don't care if it's not a Gibson, if it plays well and sounds good that's all i need)

I spent months shopping for a good LP, but wanted an FR guitar as well. If I were u i would just buy two guitars, one FR, and one TOM string-thru, that way you've got a backup in case either stuffs up, you can have em in two diff tunings with the TOM one being able to be changed on the fly. I can't see how one Gibson is worth 3 $800-900 guitars...I'd rather get my own name on my headstock to be honest..
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i played a few LPs, including like the ESP Eclipse, Gibson Studio, "The Paul" and tbh if you wanna play metal..stick with the stock hellraiser.
If you want a bit of variation, you know without actives + FR then i would say LP...but look around at a custom for that price..

Cant go wrong with a guitar built to ur specs :P
I was thinking of ESP's, but I really like the sound of the EMG's, and the schecter is the only one I know of where you can "split" the pickup, and it adds variety to tone, which is awesome.

And the LP had some crushing distortion as well, and I get the nice cleans besides

I guess the FR wouldn't be a mandatory thing, but the things you can do with it just add to the guitar.

The LP I tried had the new "comfort" neck, which is probably why I didn't mind it. I tried a classic too, which had a thinner neck, but I didn't like the sound as much.

I was thinking of a custom too, but I have no idea where I would start on that.
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If you have long hair, apparently your music goes RAGHHHHHRAGHRARGHRARGHHHHHHH.