Yeah, as mentioned, a grunge-ish song.
I recorded this about 6 months ago, i just never have got around to posting it anywhere. It was the first recording i have done.
Drums are not fantastic, but thats because it's a garageband loop lol
I'm aware that it sounds too much like nirvana and im eventually going to re-record all the rhythm parts to change that. I mainly want crit of the heavy 'chorus' riff and solo please.
It's in my profile.

The chords do sound like Nirvana, although I still thought it was a good progression. The solo was awesome, I really liked it. It sounded grungy but still mainstream and I liked it. I liked how you kept hitting the distortion then backing off, almost like in Radiohead's Creep. Maybe crit my band? www.myspace.com/remoraband
Hey man that solo was awesome. I think it would be really cool if you just took that whole section and put it as like a bridge or something in a song. That solo was seriously amazing though. you could make a good song with all that.