Hey all, I'm relatively new to pedal boards so i need some advice.

I just got a pedal board and its lined in carpet, so do i just need to stick the hook-sided velcro to the pedals and then that will stick to the carpet?

Also, I'm unsure how to stick my wah down. I tried taking off the 4 rubber stoppers on the bottom of it, but the base of the wah needs to be attached by the 4 screws that hold the stoppers down. The problem is that the screws won't go all the way in, so they stick out as if the rubber stoppers were there. The wah is a Dunlop Cry Baby Classic. I dont know if i will find any screws that are as shallow as i need them to be because it looks like they will need to be very shallow.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
i put glue+velcro on the screw heads..and where the wah sits..just under the bit between the stoppers..i raise the board a little with cardboard