So i custom ordered a guitar from Rondo music and i just got it yesterday. Sexy LP style with a thin neck, MOP inlays, jet black, triple binding and a LFR.

Now im a blues jazz rock player so ive been using the floyd for wiggling chords and harmonics. Makes it sound dreamy like lenny. Complete tuning stability is also sweet and some day i wanna learn Fury by Prince but the live SNL version (which is gonna take a while...)

So for the time being i wanna know what kinda things people do with floyds.

I know the basics...
1 Divebombs
2 Vibrato
3 Bends
4 Screeches

Anyone got anything else...theres this one thing i really wanna learn how to do but i dont know what its called or how to do it

heres a vid its at about 0:54-0:56:

Im not sure if hes bumping the bar to sound the note or just hitting the note and then bumping the bar or wtf hes doing and i hear Vai doing this too...

Anywho thanks in advance
as you push the bar down and bring it back up, pick the note as soon as you start the bar back up Should do the job.

And hell yeah, OFR's absolutely rock.
The only thing I can think of that isn't in your thing is flutters. Look them up, they make a cool sound Guitarists like Vai use them heaps.