Okay, first off, sorry for doing another of these Amp Recommendation threads. I don't want to annoy anyone

I'm looking for a tube amp. I've only had solid state amps up until now, so I thought I'd try one out to see if I prefer it.

I spend most of my days online searching the vast depths of music equipment, but because I'm new to tubes I need some help.

I play a vast selection of stuff, Hendrix to Slayer. I'd rather an overall good amp, that one suited to a specific genre, although I'd go for Clapton - Hendrix - Santana stuff if I have to.

I don't want anything with a gimmick. I use pedals more than built in effects, so preferably no effects, not even reverb on the amp.

I play in my bedroom, I'm not gigging yet. That said, I do like to crank it right up (As I've done with my 60w SS amp).

Any help will be much appreciated, thanks
I have a Marshall JCM900, and it does the job for me.

Like you i use pedals more than inbuilt effects, and the JCM900 has a really nice clean channel (in my opinion), so its perfect for pedals and stuff. But yeah, thats just me, hope that helped a little
From what I can find on the net, both of those are pretty expensive for me...

If you could include a reference to an online store, it would help but you don't have to
I personally play through a Peavey Delta Blues 115. Its the same thing as the Peavey Classic 30, which seems to be a pretty usual reccomendation here. Its built like a rock and can be used for many different genres, especially if you have alot of pedals. It does have a built in solid state tremolo, and spring reverb though.

Would you buy used?
I'll have a look at that amp. If there are built in effects it's okay, if the amps good I'll live with it.

I'm not sure on my budget, I may get one for christmas. I'd say around te £300 mark.

As for used, I'm not that keen on it, but I'd give it a go if the cond. was right
yea dude a slightly bigger budget will help..

look about on here for used...i picked up a randall rg50tc for £100!!
the jcm would be a good buy, but its finding a cheap enough one..

but at that price you could pick up epi valve jr + cab...but i dont think its gainy enough..may need a tube screamer or 5..
Ahh i see your in the UK. I've heard good things about Laney, and they are much cheaper in the UK than they are here in the states. The Orange Tiny Terror also looks to be a pretty good amp. I'm not sure what they cost in the UK though. I've had a friend tell me about Sound City amps, though i've never had any direct experience with them.

As far as the Peavey goes its a rock solid amp, both tonally and construction wise. I don't really ever use tremolo but it sounded pretty good the few times I used it. The amp has great cleans, and the overdrive is pretty good for a "blues designed" amp. With a pedal or two it can really hit just about any music genre needed. Get yourself a nice modded wah and you can get Clapton and Hendrix with this amp.
I know this is strange, but what are the rough dimensions of the amp, please?

The Orange Tiny Terror is about £300 (About $640) Plus I'd need a cab for that.
yo dude..the tiny terror was on sale here a few weeks ago..325 with cab i believe!
need to keep a look out
No way!

I'll keep checking now


I could use a budget cab for now, until I get cash for the Orange. but does it matter that much about the cab? Surely it's just the Speakers inside?

Double Edit:

I've just found the Orange 1x12 cab they reccomend, for £169!
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