my friend bought his amp over today and plugged it into my electrical outlet and he said that my outlet is "bad" which is why he said that his amp sounds alot crappier than it usually does. do you guys this this is possible/true?
it was a marshall mg wasnt it LOLZ
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It is possible that the voltage coming out of this outlet was different than what he has at his house. Even though we all expect a nice even 110 VAC here in the US, there is actually quite a variation. Add large appliances kicking in on the same circuit, and you can have some nice drops. Depending on the amp, the variation in voltage can change the sound from what he is used to. Which is why companies have made nice money selling power conditioners.

What type of amp was it?

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Bad wiring can make problems or to much other stuff in the house on the same circuit. As for the outlet being bad if you can plug a lamp in and it works then its probably not bad. May have been a case of his amp sounds bad compared to your amp. But it is a good excuse "I could shred but your outlet is bad".