this is meant to be a song. i made the acoustic parts but cant record vocals. i guess ill post the song on my profile incase you want to hear it. its my first full song so dont expect much. originally i wanted it to have soft spoken vocals kind of like Elliot Smith on his self-titled album, but now im not sure how it would work. maybe you can leave some ideas? C$C if you want.

waiting for you

im waiting
for you

waiting for you
i wait in eternity
i long forever
for you to be with me

i wait here
our forbidden love
may never be

but ill wait
for you
through eternity
and i wait...

spiralling together in existence
bonding through chemistry
nothing will crack our code
no one can understand us like we do
they will never know

we are one soul torn asunder
weaving through the fabrics of this universe
forever searching for the counterpart
forever awaiting destinys climax
awaiting the reconnection of our soul

whatever it takes to find you
ill travel through every last worm hole
ill die ten thousand times in immortality
ill break the barrier to impossibility
eternity cant last long enough to make me forget you

love will glue our pieces back together
as our souls collide like meteors on earth
celestial bodies showering down in millions
unacquainted in a cluster now burning together through the atmostphere
two will land closer than the rest

existence is our world, eternity is our time
as souls we sleep, using this dream to guide us
in time, we meet
the process begins
we will exist as one again
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Just a quick crit...too many eternity's and forevers. Find another way too describe it without using those words so much.