As my 18th bday is approaching, i was thinking of gettin me new guitar and amp.
I mainly play metal and deathmetal kind of stuff, amon amarth, kataklysm, SFU... I've got about 1200-1500 euro to spend (yay for 18th bdays!)

any ideas on a good guitar and amp for that kind of music?
i was thinking of getting me a Ibanez XPT700 or something like that (i like the look on it, and ive heard its pretty decent)
i also need a new amp, cuz mine is complete crap. One of those things u get in a 300$ beginners case. But that can wait though.

any help is appreciated ty!
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unless you have access to better amplifiers, new amp = better than new guitar.
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i have the ibanez xiphos fixed 7 string and the quality blew me away. i highly suggest checking them out. i got mine at the time for 800 american dollars and it included a case but i think that they went to 1000. still well worth it.
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