I have a Warwick Corvette 4 string with a severe Twisted neck. I took it to my guitar guy to see if it could be repaired. He thought possible, but didnt think it would be permanent due to the severity. We have decided a replacement was a much better idea so he is currently in the process of making me a new neck. The old one is Ovingkol with Wenge fretboard all on a bubinga body, and produces that signature "Growling" tone that Warwicks have. In looking for various billets for the new neck, my friend came across a really nice looking piece of American Ash. It has been air dried for about 28 years and looks great. As hard as it is, and due to the aging process, he said this would be a great bass neck. I kind of agree, but my question is this. How much will it change the tone? He didnt think it would make a significant change. But I believe it will tend to brighten that growl up a bit. Anyone have experience with changing neck woods?

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