Some might remember another thread by me about using my surround sound system as my guitar amp... dry tone wouldn't have sounded good at all. SO i have since done a %&#@load of research and have come up with something I hope will work like it seems it should and where better than UG to get a solid opinion on something guitarish?


This little multi FX processor seems to be able to be fed "into the mixer" directly and is capable of replicating various amp sounds. This cant be all that different form running into a home surround sound amp.

So just to clarify what I want to do is the following:

Electric Guitar ->-> Zoom G2 ->-> using ( a 1/4' jack into the mic input of the amp) or ( 1/4' stereo jack to two RCA, left and right) ->-> my surround amp (its a very good one)

Does this sound like a crackpot idea? or have I got something that will produce decent sound? I know digital isn't great.... but my budget isn't great either

ANY input would be great. Thanks in advance

Dude, digital isn't always bad. Digital (when done right) is GREAT!
Zoom multi-fx pedals are pretty sweet too. I've been looking at the g7.1ut lately.

Basically they excel at getting a good metal and a good clean tone. They do sound fairly good too.
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I think this would work. I've done it a thousand times with my AX3kG and it sounded better as my real amp (But my amp is a piece of ****, honestly)
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zoom is awful. i've got the zoom g2.1u pedal and the sound is really bad. cheap effects...

Maybe you just don't know how to EQ.
Signatures are overrated.