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be heartless plain and simple
19 40%
be driven to being that way
18 38%
not care about anything anymore
4 9%
certain circumstances/other
6 13%
Voters: 47.
after reading someones song on here i saw myself in those lyrics,and have realised i may very well be heartless also youve got people like terrorists,bush,the south african government,rapists,etc etc....anyway what do you think....?
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most people I meet are heartless, after I remove their heart with my bare hands.
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Mugabe, Bush, Bin Laden etc. all have reasons for the things they do. You might not agree with those reasons, but I'm sure they wouldn't agree with alot of the things you say.
I'm not defending them, I'm just saying that everyone has a different perspective, and your own opinion of what heartless is isn't always right.
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most people I meet are heartless, after I remove their heart with my bare hands.

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i don't think people are born heartless, and i think it really depends on certain situations / circumstances to make people act like they do
Don't forget about Congress. American government is extremely heartless. So is the UN. So are all the organizations raising money to cure diseases like cancer and AIDS. Yes, I'm being serious.

I think 4chan has made me sort of heartless too.
Not heartless...more like heart deficient
That, my friend, was a fail of epic proportions!

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No because if people were heartless then they wouldn't be alive. Duh.
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I think it depends on what the person in question has gone through at the time. Right now I'm still trying to get over a break up with a girl I really felt something for, and at time's I've been a complete dick to people, I don't know many people who are always heartless.
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