I have played guitar for a long time and i should be better then what i am in the soloing department....rhythm is nothing to me saying i learned most of the rhtyhm on death magnetic the first day i got it...its the solos...so i was finding my weak spots....i can double pick one string fine i can't go from string to string double picking its almost as i use to much pick and it more pushes the strings then just clipping them..also doing like lets say7 8 10 triplets or double picking it is like my hand goes retraded but lets say 10 8 7 i can go about as fast as most professional guitarists on one string...does anybody know were to get maybe some good finger building tabs...preferably they are scales so i can be learning scales as i build my finger strength...current scale that i kinda about know all the way through is the e phyrgian and the phrygian dominate...just started learning scales about 3 days ago...you would think someone who has played so long would of realized that scales should be one of the first things to learn.
try playing the intro to the solo of trivium - anthem (we are the fire) or this world cant tear us apart solo intro...i think thats what you mean..

i use them to get my speed up.
i lost my crusade cd so i would have a ****y reference on youtube that i couldn't play to :'(
and is this world can't tear us apart thats on ascendancy right...and ty i have been using the intro to tornado of souls and solo on switch 625 i play alot but its not to difficult.

Edit: nope must be on crusade also....

since you know trivium how about there new cd? worth buying?
very good cd imo
beats crusade, but behind ascendancy!!
mostly 7 string tho..hence the 7 string purchase :P

just use guitar pro demo + gp tabs for the songs...get the tempo up, use bridge pickups and some light palm muting...you will get better!
Slow down, you can't just jump straight in to playing complicated lead parts at full speed.

Learn some simpler solos first, and remember - you always learn to play something before you can even think about playing it quickly.

As far as scales go they're not about building speed or strength, they're about understanding music. If you want to learn about them have a read of Josh Urban's Crusade articles in the columns section.
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i have ran out of days on guitar pro so i have to use the lammer one power tab...and ya steven i know to play everything slower first because if you learn it messing it up you will be likely to learn the mess up with it and keep doing it.....i wish i could get cds to slow down on the leads so i could play with it...i learn 100 times faster if i can have some drums and bass going on i hate playing to nothing....
The Harmonic D Minor scale is what you need, but play it like this:

e: 13-12-10-9--12-10-9------10-9--------9--------------------------------------

...and so on until you finish it all, then do it backwards. this is the long way this will surly make you better at soloing. (always use alternate picking!)
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^^^ i wasnt telling him to go wooosh straight in, just those are what i used to build up speed and that.

like doing it at 100bpm > 120bpm > 140bpm you know slow to fast..gradually

guitar pro lets you slow down
on windows media 10, you can slow down stuff esp cds n mp3s
is the 9 on the 6th and the 11th on the 5th played at the same time the second time or are they just apart....also my fender don't have great sound on the super high notes on the high strings they buzz and slap a lot...so it don't sound right thats what really hurts me i can't stand playing something that sounds like nonsense thats why i hate most finger building tabs its just walking down the neck and its lame....