right, so for a while ive been needing to buy a decent amp. I have decided on the Line 6 Spider III 30 watt. Before i go off and buy this with my christmas money, is there a better amp i could get thats at least 30 watts for £100-£150. I play mostly metal and acoustic.

PS. Dont use this tread to bitch about Line 6 Spiders
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I started with a Line 6 Spider 3 30....Love it....tonight just brought one of the Line 6 Valves 212 but yea that was $1600 lol soo yea spider 3 great too start just make sure you get the channel foot pedal changer thing!
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Spiders are pants - people bitch about them because they're pants.

Get a Roland CUbe or a Peavey Vypyr.
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Are you getting the Spider b/c it has effects built-in? If so, the effects don't sound too good. In any case, the Peavey Vypyrs are getting great reviews, and the 30-watter costs just as much as the Spider III 30 (in USD).
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^This. Seriously, Spiders are the worst amps I ever played short of First act and no-name 1x5 combos.
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PS. Dont use this tread to bitch about Line 6 Spiders

Okay, there is a reason people bitch about spiders and its becuase their ****! I am good friends with the owner of my local guitar shop and he has let me play on many different amps and spiders are by far the worst of the lot. Frankly I don't even know why people even consider them after all the bad reviews. Get the vypyr 30W, you'll be far far happier, i promise!
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I have a Spider III 15 watt, and its not bad, but if you have a pedal you want to hook up to it(at least on mine) it sounds like crap.
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Try the Vypyr 30 it's better than the Spider III. When I bought my Vypyr I tried the Line 6 Spiders too and the Vypyr sounded alot better. Trust me and give one a try.
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I have a Spider III 15 watt, and its not bad, but if you have a pedal you want to hook up to it(at least on mine) it sounds like crap.

How long have you actually played guitar and how many REAL TUBE amps have you played...

To TS; I have a spider 75w and really LOVED it at 1st, then I played some real amps and listened to my amp when I played it compared to the better ones and realized that I had just wasted my money. Please don't waste your money, buy something that will be worth it.

When many, many, many people give it bad reviews, don't be stubborn and try to prove them wrong, because most of us have played one or many spiders and some of us have wasted their money because of terrible re-sale value.
Get a Roland Cube or a Peavey Vypyr. Spider III's aren't to great. I mean...if you're just practicing on them...then they can be okay. But generally they kind of sound bad.