Songs i can play all the way through..rhythm not lead

metallica of wolf and man
metallica all nightmare long
metallica suicide and redemption
metallica seek and destroy
megadeth gears of war
megadeth pulling teeth
megadeth dread and the fugitive mind
lamb of god omerta
lamb of god about all of hourglass
acdc burning alive
acdc all hail ceaser
nickleback animals

that is pretty much all the songs i can play all the way through not counting my songs not that many and none to hard but its a ok list.

songs im working on
trivium pull harder on the strings of my martyr
trivium the decived
metallica one
metallica broken beat and scarred
def leppard switch 625 about done parts of the solo
megadeth tornado of souls
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you tried log - laid to rest
also if you cant play green day american idiot :P lol!!

i can play decieved great song!!!
pull harder is an easier song..compared to newer triv stuff!!
not alot on laid to rest its a very overplayed song i like to learn songs i like like i can probably play every green day song they are pretty simple musicians...i have trouble on the decived a few minutes into it im not sure on the name of the part....i can't hear it very will since they use harmonizing guitars a lot its hard to un tangle the other part...
ahahahaha yes.. u r correct

but laid to rest..is like a must learn
gets ur chops up quite quick!

you tried learning the rising by trivium...flaming good song, semi simple solo too

@ the decieved bit...after the held 444 power chord? 12 9 11 12 11 bit? i tremelo pick it..just to change it about
i will look into it after i dig out my cds my xbox 360 just got the red ring of death and that was my whole music library. what cd is the rising on i was a big fan of theres along time ago and still love ascendancy just the crusade showed that there really out there for money i hope they tried a little bit on shogun...i love one gun but the intro and a bit of the verse is all i can do my fingers start to burn after the initial stretch 1 to 7 is like ahhh after about 5 times...

my bad drakathon lol