I'm really digging my little Super Champ XD at home. I'm a little worried it won't have enough volume for rehearsal and/or smaller gigs. I know a lot of people are changing out the OE speaker for a Ragin Cajun with good results.

The amp has an 8 ohm speaker out on the back panel. I could shell out $300 for a Fender 1x12 cab.


I also found a Blackheart 1x12 cabinet for about half that price, but it has a 16 ohm speaker- which would be cool because I could choose my own speaker.


I've also found some lesser brand (Peavey, etc...) cabs locally on craigslist...

For what it's worth, I play surf, garage, basic rock- think Link Wray, Ventures, etc...
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You should have plenty of volume for smaller gigs/practice. If not you could always have it mic'd at larger ones. Channel 1 on that amp is loud as hell. If you wanna push a little more air why not go for 2x12? I pluged mine into my Epi Vjr cabinet and it sounds quite a bit better than the stock speaker. I thought that amp lacked a little bass responce, and it realized it's just really the speaker that is lacking. They are cool amps for the $$$.
speakers don't make your amp noticeably louder. They just give you more headroom.

Your amp should be plenty loud enough for practice. For gigs you should be mic'd up.
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Thanks guys, at home it seems like this little sucker is loud. Anything more than 3 on channel one is just too much. But I haven't played with a drummer yet...

On a related note, what makes one speaker "louder" than another? ie the same amp with two different speakers... rated watts? sensitivity?
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it doesn't, read my post.
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Speaker loudness depends on the sensitivity of the speaker, which is how efficiently it converts power into sound. A higher speaker sensitivity increases the volume.

I've never heard of a speaker giving more headroom, unless you're talking about speaker distortion, which is a whole separate thing.

I agree on it being a nice amp, I love mine
A higher sensitivity speaker will make the amp seems like it has more headroom since it will be a little louder at the point where it breaks up, if you know what I mean.
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I have had a super champ xd for a couple of years and I think I have finally found the answer to the loudness problem. I didn't want to modify the cab because I didn't want to screw it up. Putting it into a bigger cab was out of the question because then its less portable when I need it to be. They now sell a fender 12" cab for the super champ x2 (which should work fine for the xd) for $200. Thats ok but your really still trying to wring as much volume out of the 15 watts as possible.

I was at a music go round today and I found a prime pm50 portable sound system. It is a 10" combo sound system. 3 channels and 50 watts. Lay it on its side and the super champ fits on top neatly. (it has rubber feet for this) I plug in the aux out of the amp into the prime. The sound system adds a lot more base and volume and at the same time your still using the stock speaker to that sound gets mixed in. Also you have more control over your sound as the mixer has a 2 channel eq of its own. And for the ultimate, it also has a secondary speaker out to go to a 12" speaker if you want for a huge and full sound when its all put together.

New the prime pm50 is $200 if you search the internet. The same price as a fender passive extension cabinet which will not allow you to run your original speaker so the volume increase is just minimal. Mine now sounds like a frickin monster. Best of all for me, the used price was just $50 and its like new.

This setup allows you to leave the combo in tact for recording or just grab and go and be modular when you need it to be louder and fuller.

You could also go for a carvin stage mate which is a similar application but its $500 and I think thats probably overkill. Let me know what you think.
i wouldn't bother with that fender cab

(i) it doesn't say it's plywood, and fender normally does when anything is plywood or better.

(ii) it has (far as i'm aware) a rebranded celestion 70/80 which doesn't really suit a fendery sound, and frankly just isn't that great of a speaker.

You'd get far better results, IMO, going with a cheap cabinet which is actually ply (they exist, several manufacturers make them) and swapping the speaker yourself to something good.


(i) ideally I'd want an open-backed cab for a fender amp. Most of the cheap 1x12 plywood cabs i'm aware of (VHT, blackheart) are closed-back

(ii) is an extra 1x12 really going to make it much louder? It may be enough if you can almost get it loud enough already (and also if you swap for a much more efficient speaker than the stock speaker), but if your amp is way too quiet, then unfortunately getting a new, higher wattage louder amp might be a better idea.

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Anyway i think what I posted is still good advice, but the threadstarter has probably taken up the oboe by now.
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