Hey all!

Im trying to find something in the $150-200 range and i'm weary of starter kits as i used to work at guitar center and know that you are better off just spending the money to get a quality instrument, but it isnt my money to spend here and alas i have to work within a budget....... most of the stuff i find on craigslist and whatnot are just affinity series squier strats and other japanesse knock-offs... i found a few esp ltd, one with a floyd rose bridge for a good price, but unsure of how a noob would take to one...(i think i just might get that for myself lol) he isnt really into metal so a warlock or something of that nature won't fly in this instance..... im thinking a les paul but none are within the price range i have to work with.. thanks guys!!!!!
check around some guitar shops for a used epi LP maybe? they're great when it comes to quality, and are pretty versitle
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Try looking at www.rondomusic.com, the Agiles there are amazing for the price. I don't know if there are any in your range, but rondo also has the SX brand, which i've heard mixed things about.
If you're willing to go up 50 more, i'm selling the Jackson in my sig. It has a Floyd, though, so I dunno if your nephew would take to that well...
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