1) How long does it take to get stuff from warmoth?
2) I have no idea what kind of neck I want for my mustang:
Could someone help? I'm guessing I'd be better off getting one thats finished(?) since its my first time and I'm tryin to keep it simple and all....but I really dont know enough about different necks to make this decision intellegently, I usually just play whatever is comfortable.

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warmoth may be good, but i think they are a little overpriced.

most of my necks for projects come from pawn shops anyways
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Figure 6 weeks if its not something on the shelf ready to go. Its pretty easy to use tung oil on a bare wood neck saving you the cost of warmoth finishing it for you. As for what kind of neck thats up to you. I have a standard profile neck and its thicker than the neck on my epi LP standard and alot thicker than the one on my LP100. But pretty close to the one on my strat.